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For Doctors

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New Leads, New Business

Aarogyam, through its Lead & Connect services, helps consumers/patients easily find your healthcare services based on location, expertise/speciality and availability.

24/7 Accessibility

Our cloud platform makes your healthcare services accessible to consumers and patients 24/7 over 365 days; anytime, anywhere. Improved accessibility of your services means greater customer satisfaction.

Sustained Growth of Practice/Business

Constant stream of new leads, improved accessibility, enhanced quality of service and operational efficiency results into a sustained growth of your practice/business.

More Efficient, Better Quality of Service

Aarogyam platform, conceptualized by the healthcare and technology veterans, strives to bring unparalleled operational efficiency. Consumers and patients are more than happy to be with a responsive, accessible, reliable and efficient healthcare service provider.

Smiling Patients/Consumers

We engage with the consumers and patients, like no one else does. From traditional telephone to new age smartphones, we provide all the options, to reach you, at any time, from anywhere. Our user friendly applications and highly trained contact centers, ensure hassle free access to healthcare services.

Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

Our vision is to create a connected and intelligent healthcare ecosystem, comprising healthcare providers, allied businesses and consumers/patients. The connected ecosystem, driven by our platform, is a win-win proposition for its participants.

My HealthMate


Aarogyam's HealthMate program invites who's who of healthcare industry to write articles to provide important health tips to patients and consumers. HealthMate provides patients and consumers, an access to priceless knowledge, which helps them build critical awareness about healthcare and manage their health better.

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